Construction Management

For over two decades, QWEST Contracting has provided client focused construction management services across a broad range of complex and challenging projects.

We offer comprehensive preconstruction services throughout the design process with specific emphasis on budget development, site evaluation, logistics, sustainability, advanced procurement, project safety, and scheduling efficacy.

Our management team are highly experienced, pro-active, industry savvy professionals. All of whom are fully invested in the project build and ultimate success of the overall assignment.

Through attention to detail, clear communication, and consistent quality and results, our firm has earned the distinction of being a reputable construction management partner.

General Contracting

QWEST Contracting provides qualitative and competitive general contracting services to our clients. Through focused awareness, attention to detail, and a high level of quality control, we ensure proactive client centric services.

Significant importance is placed on sub-contractor selection, document and site review, schedule adherence, and our overall level of service.

Our on-staff team are experienced in the technical, logistical and aesthetic characteristics that make-up a construction project.

Conscientious and responsive actions throughout our organization ensure effective communication, consistency of results, budgetary control, and timely project delivery.

Representation and Consulting

As part of our construction management services, we offer client representation and consulting for all aspects of a construction renovation or building repositioning project.

We recognize that every project poses unique challenges, therefore, we tailor our services to include building and site evaluation, lease and program document review, budget and schedule assessment, and project team evaluation.